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Ritter is of German, Scottish, and English descent. Ritter described herself at the time as “tall, gawky, awkward, and really, really skinny” to Philadelphia Style magazine. While in high school, she traveled to New York City on her days off and began modeling there and in Philadelphia. Ritter told Philadelphia Style that she felt her “outgoing and bubbly and funny” personality as a performer helped her transition into acting naturally by letting her entertain the casting people. Ritter guest-starred on Gilmore Girls for eight episodes from to as Rory Gilmore ‘s friend, Lucy. She also played the first iteration of Allison Stark on the Fox sitcom ‘Til Death which eventually had four actresses play that role through its run.

Justin Bartha marries personal trainer

Ben Gates Nicholas Cage the youngest in a long line of Treasure Hunters grew up believing his family had a key to a secret treasure dating back to the Founding Fathers. In the hopes of clearing his family name, Gates sets out to steal the Declaration of Independence before another treasure hunter does. Ben, accompanied by his witty sidekick Riley Justin Bartha use their brains, luck and some computer savvy to help solve history’s riddles that they encounter, leading them on an historical wild goose chase.

If you can enjoy a movie for what it is then I think you will like this fast paced adventure.

Justin Bartha marries personal trainer – Actor Justin Bartha, known for playing Doug in “Hangover” series, married his personal trainer Lia Smith at Kualoa ranch on the island of O’ahu in Hawaii. The couple tied the knot Saturday evening, reports For the wedding, Bartha sported a black suit, while Smith was seen in a flowy, white gown.

Click through our gallery to see the most eligible bachelorettes in the world! Never Married Net Worth: That’s billion with a “b. Fifth in line to the British throne, Beatrice has been in a long term relationship with Dave Clark, from a wealthy American family, for years. While not single, as far as we are concerned, if you are a royal and you don’t have a ring on it, you’re fair game. Not only is Sharapova a total bombshell, she also happens to be one of the most talented tennis players around.

While she was engaged, the couple broke it off in You know what that means? Single and ready to mingle.

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She gets an apartment that’s above a coffee house where she befriends one of the workers, Aram, a guy whose wife only married him so she could get a green card. Aram’s family thinks he’s wasting his life and education by working in the coffee house. Soon after moving into the apartment, Sandy hires Aram to be her nanny while she takes on work for the first time since her children where born. It isn’t long when Aram and Sandy find they get along wonderfully and start to date.

But the question is:

Justin Bartha is currently married to Lia Smith. He has been in three celebrity relationships averaging approximately years each. His one marriage has lasted years so far.

A look back at arguably the worst movie ever. Then box office receipts dropped a whopping By its third week of release, only 73 theaters were showing it, down from 2, opening weekend—a 97 percent drop also largest in history. A big reason that Gigli bombed with audiences is that it received a mountain of bad buzz prior to its release. Halle Berry is rumored to have dropped out of the Lopez role. Then, there was the off-screen relationship of stars Affleck and Lopez, who had begun dating in , and became engaged in November of that year.

Anyway, this image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I don’t want to be in this spotlight, this glare, in this way. It’s tawdry, it’s ugly, it’s oppressive, and it’s inane. Another reason the movie bombed is, well, it really is one of the worst movies of all-time. You wanna be a gangster?

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Celebrities Famous girlfriend It looks like Jesse Spencer girlfriend is a professional surfer and this helps for him, because she can teach him a lot of things when it comes to surfing and he can learn a lot from just watching her making her moves on the waves. It looks like Maya Gabeira has been known as Jesse Spencer girlfriend for a couple of years now and she might have taught him some things over this time.

It looks like the couple likes to spend their time surfing and they have been seen together in Malibu beach enjoying their romantic surfing session. And the current Jesse Spencer girlfriend is — Maya Gabeira It looks like Jesse Spencer girlfriend is Brazilian and she is 26 years old and she is professional when it comes to surfing so she knows what she is doing even when she is on a big wave and Jesse is Australian and he is 34 years old, so she must like him because of his homeland, because Australians have something that women really love about them.

It looks like when they were spotted surfing not only Jesse Spencer girlfriend wore a wetsuit but he also was wearing one so they looked similar and they both were carried their boards.

Jeffrey Bartha is 46 years old and was born on 3/20/ Currently, he lives in West Hollywood, CA. Sometimes Jeffrey goes by various nicknames including jeff j bartha and jeffrey j bartha. He currently works as an Account Executive at MySpace.

As usual, we left the female characters to our sisters over at AfterEllen. Now, after sorting through the thirty thousand plus write-in votes, we have the results, and one thing leaps out at us: Oh well, at least the guy who ranks 1 is an honest to goodness sweetheart. A few statistics before we get to the list. Almost every single character in the top 50 came from a show that ran in the current century. The only two exceptions? Why the preference for more recent characters?

Soap operas might be a dying format, but they still had a surprisingly strong showing on this list, with nine characters coming from serial dramas; five from US daytime and four from as far away as the UK and Germany. And speaking of the UK, seven of the top 50 characters originate from shows produced in that country.

Is Justin Bartha Already Expecting A Baby With New Wife Lia Smith?

His father, Stephen, is a real estate developer, while his mother, Betty, is a school teacher. He has one brother, Jeffrey. Bartha’s family is Jewish, and he had a “fairly Reformed” upbringing.

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The choice of Garner as Sydney Bristow is one of those things where most will likely not imagine anyone else in the role. Able to portray a natural sweetness and likability, Garner turns Sydney into a highly engaging character with complex and conflicting emotions, as well as one who is an expert in martial arts. At the opening of the show, Sydney works for a top-secret organization called SD-6, who is searching for a mysterious device by a scientist named Rambaldi.

Still, the show manages to add its own twists and turns on a familiar genre. What surprises me most about this series is the fact that the action, and the reason for the action, is often the least important aspect of any particular episode. These chases are a means to get the characters in motion. What matters, however, is how the characters react and grow. Season two continues the trend of letting the secondary characters in on the big picture.

Francie Merrin Dungey even gets in on the act. Season two also features more humor, and this can only mean one thing. If anything, the action and excitement have multiplied.


Both the sisters have acted in many movies together. Real Fashion for Real Girls. Ashley Olsen is not married as of yet, Many people mistaken her sister husband Olivier Sarkozy to be her Husband. Ashley olsen’s last boyfriend was Richard Sachs who is a 58 year old art dealer. She has no plans for wedding anytime soon.

Trust the Man is a romantic comedy film directed and written by Bart Freundlich and starring David Duchovny, Billy Crudup, Julianne Moore, and Maggie film primarily deals with three relationships, and a realization of just how important those relationships are. It had a limited release on August 18,

Share On Pinterest Sasha Barrese is one of the lovable celebrities in America who is progressively rising up the celebrity ranks in the film industry. She is an up and coming Hollywood film actress who is most popularly known as Tracy Billings of The Hangover movies. She has also starred in a few television shows as a guest star. The actress was born on April 24, Sasha Barrese was born in Maui, Hawaii. Her birth name is Alexandra Barrese and her mother is Katherine Barrese who is a talented actress herself.

Her mother was dedicated towards her education and made sure she attended quality private schools. She was just a teenager when she gave birth to Sasha. Sasha along with her mother moved to France where Katherine worked as a model. The actress gained much of her early experience in modeling from her mother. The mother-daughter duo is currently living in Beverly Hills, California. The Hangover star likes to keep her personal relationships private as no rumors or speculations about her dating history have been revealed.

She is not married yet and is reportedly expecting to be a mother to twins.

National Treasure

So it wasn’t easy for Gina Rodriguez – who won a Golden Globe in January for her role in Jane The Virgin – to inform her family that she wanted to be an actress, the beauty told the March issue of Latina magazine. How are you going to make money? The year-old actress went braless for her portrait where she had on an open jacket The TV star then added, ‘We didn’t grow up with money, so they always instilled that education was going to get you to where you needed to be and it definitely did.

The star was told by her parents that she should be a lawyer so she could make money, but she offered that she could play a lawyer on TV Gina, who was interviewed by Adrienne Bailon, went daring for her cover of the monthly magazine. The actress decided to go braless and use only her arm to keep her black and white tuxedo-style jacket closed.

The Hangover crew heads to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the disaster of a bachelor party in Las Vegas last year, Stu is playing it safe with a mellow pre-wedding brunch.

The DUFF 97 min. He finds that his wife neglected to tell him that he now has a son, 20, and shame But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every way imaginable – and unimaginable. They make their way around the city in order to find their friend before his wedding. Stu’s plan for a subdued pre-wedding brunch, however, goes seriously awry. Chow, who has escaped from prison and is on the lam. Battle of the Smithsonian 97 min.

Secret of the Tomb 97 min. Byrne Friends with Benefits 97 min. Fernandez Dumb and Dumber 97 min. Octavius Brine from destroying the world as we know it. But when these newly-minted “heroes” get tangled in a real life web of mobsters and dirty detectives, they must put their fake badges on the line. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kindly Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven.

He rides along James on a hour patrol of Atlanta.

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As she goes to get the milk from the refrigerator, she is spooked by seeing the head of Bradford Meade inside. He then disappears after he tells her to think about what Bradford told her before he died. The following day at the burial of Bradford at the cemetery, Claire is allowed to attend but arrives wearing an orange prison jumpsuit and is in shackles. As Betty is delivering a eulogy, Wilhehima and Marc show up, hoping to make her last remarks.

Wilhelmina is fired by unanimous decision of Claire, Daniel, and Alexis.

And actor Justin Bartha even married Equinox trainer Lia Smith. “When you have similar values and ideas and spend time engaging in those activities, relationships tend to blossom,” says Dr.

This story first appeared in the May 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. It was called What Happens in Vegas. In , screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore came up with a novel pitch: Fortunately, he still had an overall deal at Warner Bros. What followed is the most successful R-rated comedy franchise of all time. The third and final installment — which ditches the blacked-out mystery concept and adds Melissa McCarthy as a love interest for Galifianakis — hits U.

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Career[ edit ] Bartha began his film career behind the camera as a production assistant on the film Analyze This. His acting debut came with his first film, 54 , as a clubgoer. He wrote and directed a short film, Highs and Lows with Darrell M. Smith as co-producer, which was shown at the South by Southwest Film Festival in In November , Bartha was cast in an indie comic-drama, Holy Rollers.

JUSTIN BARTHA: I had known Todd since I was in college. I had been friends with him and actually lived with him at one point. I had been friends with him and actually lived with him at one point.

This is your Broadway debut playing Max. I love doing the show. Well before we talk about your new film Holy Rollers, I wanted to congratulate you on the Tony nomination for the show as Best Revival. That must be very exciting! We have some stiff competition in that category, but we are really proud. Aside from the great cast, the show is directed by Stanley Tucci.

How amazing has it been learning from and being directed by him? He is an amazing man. He can pretty much do everything and he is really funny. He has an impeccable sense of timing and an impeccable sense of taste and he just has a very clear point of view of what he wants. At the same time he is unbelievably collaborative.

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