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Visit museums and churches, tour amazing old towns and view city highlights. Enjoy all the activities of our cruise ship plus exclusive singles group onboard activities, including singles-mingle dining! Of course our singles host will be available to introduce the travelers and ensure your good time. But don’t let the historic appearance fool you. This is also Scandinavia’s most cosmopolitan city. Certainly you can relive medieval times in The Latin Quarter, but you can also enjoy some of Europe’s finest shopping, museums, cafes and nightlife prior to your cruise around the Baltics. Join us for lunch onboard and meet lots of other fun-loving singles! Well, first of all, there’s the locals, whose rough yet friendly charm is all part of the Berlin experience. It’s been more than two decades since the walls came down and Berlin became unified in many ways, including the pursuit of joy.

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Share this article Share ‘Several of them never returned. One of them has now been found, blown up into large pieces, southeast of Oeland. On its website, the military has posted a video and still images of the wreckage, which had broken into two large sections.

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Search 25 Best Places to Visit in September September is, for a lot of tourists, the end of the season, perhaps because their children must return to school or because they only prefer to travel during the peak of summer. Because of this lull in tourism, many destinations that rely on visitors to fuel their economy offer lower prices during September, and guests who travel to these places are likely to experience similar weather to the preceding months without having to share the restaurants, hotels, hiking trails, beaches, and other amenities with as many guests.

No matter where the destination is, September is typically a turning of seasons, and that alone offers a unique experience when exploring a new area. Glacier National Park, USA A visit to Glacier National Park during the month of September is likely to leave visitors with the feeling of a closer connection to nature, since by this time of year tourists have thinned out, the leaves are starting to turn colors, and wildlife is typically more active as they make preparations for the winter season.

Camping in the park during September is most often first come first served, but campsites hardly ever fill up, as many of them become more primitive and concession and other services in the park begin to shutdown by the end of September. For visitors to the park who wish to see it by car, they will be happy to learn that road congestion tends to taper off in September, allowing for more of the park to be seen in less time.

Glencoe, Scotland As the summer begins to taper off and the wet season starts to show its intentions, September in Glencoe can swing either way with weather. Because of this, prices are often cheaper and there are less tourists in the area. Glencoe is a small city in the west of Scotland, and it gets its name from the steep valley it rests in, Glencoe Valley. The area is a destination spot for outdoor enthusiasts as it is rich in waterfalls, hiking trails, and peaks with great vistas, such as Bidean nam Bian.

Glencoe itself showcases a few museums and heritage sights to highlight the Glencoe massacre that happened in Also popular in the area is wildlife viewing, as red deer and golden eagles can be spotted with relative ease. You can also get answers to any questions you may have about the process.

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Thanks to new pollen investigations, supporting the older ones, and a few new excavations, it is equally obvious today that there were continuous cultivation and settlement in large parts of the archipelago, as well as an intensified clearing of the landscape and an increase in land use during the Viking Age and the high medieval period.

How can one understand this contradictory information? Is it possible to understand these conflicting data at all? Well, I actually think it may be possible. If we extend our gaze slightly further afield to other parts of Europe, this phenomenon appears to be much more common than one might first imagine. The British Isles can serve as a good example. Firstly, when the Anglo-Saxons invaded the eastern parts of Britain during the 5th and 6th centuries, they took over already existing settlements, villages and hamlets named with British or Roman names, and gave them new Anglo-Saxon names.

Furthermore, they built a few completely new settlements. The same thing happened when Gaelic people or culture spread from western Scotland to the Pictish eastern and northern parts of Scotland, during the 9th century. The same happened when the Vikings from Norway conquered and settled in the northern and western parts of Scotland during the 9th and 10th centuries, and again when Danish Vikings invaded the eastern Anglo-Saxon regions, and renamed a large number of villages and hamlets.

Then again, after the battle of Hasting , it was time to rename a bunch of settlements again. It is possible to line up a lot of other examples from Central Europe, Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, the Iberian Peninsula and others, but I shall confine myself with these examples. What is important with these examples is to show that the settlements that changed names, or had relatively young names, need not to have suffered a prolonged devastation and depopulation.

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The journey takes minutes. Student and senior tickets cost 72 SEK each way. A ticket for youth under 20 costs 60 SEK each way. Four children up to age 16 travel free with full paying adult. You can’t buy tickets with cash on board, but credit cards are accepted. There are multiple outlets at the airport to buy your ticket electronically. You can also buy your ticket e. The Arlanda Express Train [29] , departs from the lower level of each airport terminal every 15 minutes and arrives at Stockholm Central Station in 20 minutes.

Children under 17 travel free with a paying adult. Tickets can be bought from kiosks at the platform, online, or on the train for a SEK surcharge.

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It is a country that gave the world some of its greatest classical music computers, such as Bach, Brahms and Beethoven. Germany also gave the world some great writers, such as Goethe and Schiller. This Central European country also gave the world some great brats or sausages, and even greater beers that are celebrated annually with the famous Oktoberfest.

‘Best Carpool Karaoke EVER’ – fans thrilled by Paul McCartney’s appearance on the Late Late Show with James Corden. It’s fair to say the verdict on his appearance seemed pretty unanimous on Twitter.

Its distinctive sirens would have been heard moments before it dropped the bombs over Poland that set the Second World War in motion. But despite its important role in history, very few German Stuka dive bombers survive to this day. There are currently only two complete planes still around – and neither on display in Germany. But now German military divers are working to hoist the wreck of one of the single-engine monoplanes from the floor of the Baltic Sea. German divers retrieve pieces of the Stuka dive bomber from the Baltic sea Terror of the skies: The Stuka wreaked havoc over Europe as part of the Nazi war machine Initial reports are that it is in good condition despite having spent the past seven decades lying on the seabed.

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First you get all hot and sweaty, and for what? To have a cold shower or a roll in the snow. To go and get all hot and sweaty again. But then we sailed into a completely perfect little harbour — protected, deserted, sunny, pretty — on Lokholmen in the Stockholm archipelago and the sauna took on a completely different meaning.

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The German Livonian Brothers of the Sword , who had previously subjugated Livonians , Latgalians , and Selonians , started campaigning against the Estonians in , and over next few years both sides made numerous raids and counter-raids. A major leader of the Estonian resistance was Lembitu , an elder of Sakala County , but in the Estonians suffered a significant defeat in the Battle of St. Matthew’s Day , where Lembitu was killed.

In , a major revolt ejected the Germans and Danes from the whole of Estonia, except Reval , but the crusaders soon resumed their offensive, and in , Saaremaa was the last county to surrender. In , after suffering a major defeat , the Sword Brothers merged into the Teutonic Order becoming the Livonian Order. In , a major rebellion started, known as the St. The Teutonic Order finished suppressing the rebellion in , and the next year the Danish king sold his possessions in Estonia to the Order.

Reval acted as a trade intermediary between Novgorod and Western Hanseatic cities, while Dorpat filled the same role with Pskov. Many guilds were formed during that period, but only a very few allowed the participation of native Estonians. The Livonian Order was decisively defeated in , prompting Livonian factions to seek foreign protection. Russian forces gradually conquered the majority of Livonia, but in the late s the Polish-Lithuanian and Swedish armies started their own offensives and the bloody war finally ended in with Russian defeat.

The protracted war ended in with Sweden gaining Livonia , including the regions of Southern Estonia and Northern Latvia.

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Explore The Baltic States holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | A land of crumbling castles, soaring dunes, enchanting forests and magical lakes – a trip to the Baltic .

And yet, it is still believed in today and used for its magnificent healing powers. Baltic Amber is also used in the cosmetics industry and in other fields as well. What is sometimes referred to as Alternative Medicine is actually a mainstay medicine in many parts of the world today. As more and more people are reaching out for natural healing and pain relief, there is one remedy that is prevalent today and has stood the test of time – Natural Baltic Amber.

And with good reason. Natural Baltic Amber has unique properties unlike any other amber in the world. Famous Hippocrates BC , father of medicine, in his works described medicinal properties and methods of application of Baltic amber that were later used by scientists until the Middle Ages. In ancient Rome Baltic amber was used as medicine and as a protection against different diseases. Calistratus famous physician of those times, wrote that amber protects from madness, powder of amber mixed with honey cures throat, ear and eye diseases and taken with water cures stomach illnesses.

Pliny the Younger noted that Roman peasant women wore amber medallions not only as adornments, but also as a remedy for “swollen glands and sore throat and palate.

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